Tim (Cloud Nectar) X ZIIBRA

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Tim Manthey who is also known as Cloud Nectar. He is an amazing collage artist. His work has been featured twice on the cover of the Stranger. He also made the album art for Daniel Blue a local Seattle artist who is also a musician featured on ZIIBRA. Tim is one of those people you could sit and chat with for hours and we did. I had a great time getting to know him and spend a day at his house talking about his art, music, as well as eating some delicious vegetarian tacos he made us. I can not wait for my next paycheck to pick up a piece of his work, I already know the perfect spot on my wall for it. Please check out his facebook under (Cloud Nectar) since he does a new piece each week! Also a great short about Tim will be up on the ZIIBRA vimeo page shortly.


Courtney Marie Andrews

Last week I was very fortunate to meet Courtney Marie Andrews and interview her for ZIIBRA. She is an extremely talented folk artist. During the interview I had to shoot some B-Roll and was serenaded by her acoustic guitar and her voice. Yesterday I went to Daniel Blue's concert where she opened the show and was able to see the talented artist perform her songs live. She even performed a song that she made that morning, talent like that is hard to find. Check out her music and visit her profile soon on the ZIIBRA site!
Here are some photos I took of her where she bravely sat on some wood where she was attacked by nails!
All images are copyrighted by ZIIBRA© BrianPhotoh©


Portland Heart Roasters X ZIIBRA

I was very fortunate to go to Portland last week for ZIIBRA and meet with the awesome coffee extraordinaires. I learned so much about the process of how coffee starts in the fields and ultimately ends up in your cup. Hearing that process it shocks me a cup of coffee is only 3-4 dollars. For how much love they put into each cup I wouldn't mind paying 10 dollars a cup. They really focus on the quality of coffee as a sommelier would fine wine hinting at different flavors for different months and types of coffee beans. Here are a few photos of their café and the great minds behind the great cup of coffee. 

All images are copyrighted by ZIIBRA© BrianPhotoh©


Noah Gundersen X ZIIBRA

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Noah Gundersen, a very talented musician here in Seattle. I had only heard of him through a good friend Zach Fleury who is also a very talented musician in Seattle, so I was very excited to meet Noah in person. I went for ZIIBRA the new company I have been working for and real proud to be the one making Noah's videos and taking his photos. I have been listening to his latest EP  "Saints & Liars" on repeat for the past few days (Even as I write this) which is pairing real well with the overcast day and a cup of tea. Here are a few photos I took of him in his living room. Enjoy!


New Website / New Job

It has been a week since I started working at Ziibra as the creative Director and I felt like it was about time to update my website with some of my most recent work. I will also be uploading my journey with Ziibra. 
I will also update the blog with images from daily life and some BTS images of my work. I think it will challenge me to bring my camera with me where ever I go. As a photographer I have been sluffing. So I started this blog, it is for personal reflection as well a way to push me into trying new things. Here I go!