Tim (Cloud Nectar) X ZIIBRA

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Tim Manthey who is also known as Cloud Nectar. He is an amazing collage artist. His work has been featured twice on the cover of the Stranger. He also made the album art for Daniel Blue a local Seattle artist who is also a musician featured on ZIIBRA. Tim is one of those people you could sit and chat with for hours and we did. I had a great time getting to know him and spend a day at his house talking about his art, music, as well as eating some delicious vegetarian tacos he made us. I can not wait for my next paycheck to pick up a piece of his work, I already know the perfect spot on my wall for it. Please check out his facebook under (Cloud Nectar) since he does a new piece each week! Also a great short about Tim will be up on the ZIIBRA vimeo page shortly.